Mean Girls: Breastfeeding Bullies

I read a story today that made me feel so sad. It was titled “If I had given him just one bottle, he would still be alive.” It doesn’t require a genius to take an educated guess at what the story was about and how it ended. More than just a tragic situation, it resonated so strongly because this could ...

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Thought Your Relationship Has Seen Everything? Have A Baby.

Hubs and I had been “courting” for a good 8 years before we decided to tie the knot. We met at University as fresh faced youngsters, full of flirtatious energy and giggly inebriated chats. As bold as we were in our advances, underneath, we were rather awkward early-twenty-something-year-olds. Voices were raised for wandering eyes on nights out and a frisk ...

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Expecting A Baby? Here’s What You Need To Buy

Congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting, frightening yet amazing time, and if you’re anything like me, you may at some point in those 9 months have a “Fuck, I’m going to have a baby!” moment. One of the things that caused much stress was what the hell we needed to buy, as I looked around our apartment in panic, visions of ...

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