Expecting A Baby? Here’s What You Need To Buy

Congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting, frightening yet amazing time, and if you’re anything like me, you may at some point in those 9 months have a “Fuck, I’m going to have a baby!” moment. One of the things that caused much stress was what the hell we needed to buy, as I looked around our apartment in panic, visions of every surface area being covered in baby stuff. The internet is a fantastic thing but if you buy everything it suggests you need for your developing sprog, you will firstly need to obtain upfront payment for the sale of said sprog and remortgage your house in order to satisfy its (apparently) insatiable needs. You will also be required to rent a commercial warehouse while you’re at it in order to house everything. You could, of course, ignore the internet altogether and just browse your local baby shop the good old fashioned way. I made the mistake of setting foot into such a place before I had done any research and almost fled in tears. Not only could I not tell what half the items in there were used for, there was such an overwhelming amount of “things” (some of which looked like torture implements)! OK it wasn’t THAT bad, it was probably mostly pregnancy hormones playing havoc, but I did think how useful it would have been for someone to just hand me a shopping list.

Now Hubby, being the wonderful man that he is, practically read my mind (as a screeched my request at him in the middle of the high street) and set about putting together exactly that. Incidentally, it turned out to be a great way for him to feel involved throughout the pregnancy too, as often, partners feel a bit helpless as their significant others are curled over the toilet bowl retching like a woman possessed. I had no expectations of his “project” whatsoever but I have to say, he did an excellent job! When our baby girl came along, I felt that we has exactly the right amount of baby gear, but not too much to take over the house (or break the bank). Of course, every family is different and will require different things for their babies, but this list forms a comprehensive starting point (you are welcome to download it below).

Many things need to be tailored to your specific needs – for example, knowing that you will be jogging regularly with your baby in her stroller versus one that is required to do a lot of plane travel will result in very different buggy choices. Lots of baby items are nice to haves rather than actual needs – there is nothing wrong with this by the way, who doesn’t want to dress up their cutiepie – but it’s very easy to get carried away only to realise 3 months later than you had a whole drawer of unopened newborn onesies with fluffy animals on them and break down in uncontrollable sobs (and you thought those pregnancy hormones were gone)!

There are no endorsements and the comments are simply our true, personal thoughts on each item. When we were researching, we came across Lucie’s List, which was a particularly helpful source so you might want to check that out too. I hope you find our “shopping list” as useful as we did. Good luck on the start of a very exciting journey!!

The Ultimate Baby List


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