Bedtime: Baby vs Daddy

This hilarious video captures what it’s REALLY like trying to get an over-active baby ready for bed! Take one freshly bathed babe, loosely towel dry, throw in a concoction of creams, add elephant pajamas with 50 million poppers and ta-da, you have One Sweaty Daddy!!

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Toddler Sleep Training: Responsible Parenting

“How is she sleeping?” Asked my recently-became-a-mummy friend. “Bedtime is at 9pm and she’s up at around 6am.” I smile. “That’s not bad at all!” My friend beams and looks relieved. “Mmm hmm.” I hastily move the conversation on. Ok so I may have withheld some details there, like how my 18-month-old likes to wake up screaming at 2am, then ...

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